The foot fetish toy can now be acquired online and comes in fifteen distinctive skin colors and with a decision of nail shine on the toes, for fussy foot lovers.

An exasperating union of vagina and a latex foot that must be the response to each foot fetishists wet dream.

We thought we’d seen everything as far as unusual sex toys. After the anal ring hurl and the bunny hood, where would it be able to go next? Well stride in Boutique, with the presentation of the scarily similar, Vajankle.

The Models:

We chose our models taking into account demands from our foot-obsession companions and customers. We don’t give out any individual information about our models including their age or race so kindly don’t inquire. Don’t hesitate to apply whatever age/race/identity to the feet of your decision. Future styles will be added as we add bodies to our doll line. since taking into account those whose sexual interests lie outside the standard is stunning. In any case, in the event that I was a person who likes feet and got this as a blessing, I’d not have any desire to utilize it,

As it were, whether you need to have sex with a foot, I don’t feel that you’d truly be enthusiastic about supplanting the leg bone with a vulva and a vagina. It’s dreadful, and it would appear that a trophy kept by a serial executioner — not a fun sex toy. Truth be told, it helps me particularly to remember a book I read where a serial executioner accomplished something like his casualties while they were still alive

Evidently created as a bespoke request for a client who needed to “see and back rub the sole of the foot while having intercourse with it” the organization, who spend significant time in engineered body parts chose it appeared well and good to place it into generation, given that feet is such a prevalent fixation.